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Palm's Depolarized ® Nickel Bar is a unique form of 99.75 % pure nickel metal designed for the surface finishing industry. Palm's DNB does not require the use of titanium anode baskets. The special oval shape (3" x 1" oval x up to 10 ft - 1.12 lb/in) allows for drilling and tapping designed for threaded hooks or fasteners. The DNB can be used as the primary nickel source in Woods Nickel Strike, Sulfamate Nickel, Watts Nickel solutions or as auxiliary anodes for unique part types or special equipment configurations. DNB dissolves uniformly with the use of chlorides or bromides. The use of anode bags are recommended.

Purity99.75 %
Density1.12 lb/in
Sizes Available with3" x 1" Oval x up to 10 ft
ApplicationAuxiliary Anodes for Unique Part Types
Special Equipment Configurations
Sulfamate Nickel
Watts Nickel Solutions
Woods Nickel Strike