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Zinc Ball Anodes

Palm's Zinc Ball Anodes 2" are made of a special high grade of zinc metal containing a minimum of 99.99 % Zn and weighing 1 lb each. They are designed for use in the surface finishing industry. The zinc metal melting and casting process is carefully controlled to prevent iron pickup and the introduction of other impurities. Palm's Zinc Ball Anodes 2" are made to demanding specifications and are subjected to stringent quality control standards and testing.

Made inUSA
Purity99.99 %
Weight1 lb
Available in2 inch solid balls at a 99.99 % purity level
ApplicationSurface Finishing Industries
CertificationsAmerican Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM B6)
British Standards (BS 3436)
German Institute for Standardization (DIN 1706)
International Organization for Standardization (ISO 752-1981)
Special High Grade (SHG)
Packaging Per Box50 lb
Package TypeBox
Additional Information
Zinc Ball Anodes 2" are produced to ISO Standard 752-1981 Special High Grade (SHG) specifications. Other applicable standards are ASTM B6, BS 3436 and DIN 1706.Made in USA.