Surface Finishing

Palm supplies a wide range of metals, chemicals, equipment and materials used by the surface finishing and electroplating industries. Palm stocks materials such as Vale nickel metal anodes, copper anode, cadmium anodes, cobalt metal, tin anodes, zinc anodes. Palm also stocks a full range of plating grade chemicals such as ammonium chloride, boric acid, chromic acid, cadmium oxide, citric acid, copper cyanide, sodium cyanide, potassium cyanide, nickel acetate, nickel bromide, nickel carbonate, nickel chloride, nickel fluoride, nickel sulfamate, nickel sulfate, potassium chloride, tin sulfate, zinc chloride, zinc oxide and others.

Palm works closely with Palm Technology, Inc., which supplies a full range of equipment from single stand alone tanks to fully engineered automatic plating lines, Electroless Nickel controllers, cathodic protection systems, pH controllers, evaporative recovery units and chrome plating mist eliminators for surface finishing applications. Industries served by the surface finishing industry include: appliance, automotive, aviation, chemical, electronics, fastener, home hardware, marine, oil and gas, transportation and others.