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Cobalt Oxide

Palm's Cobalt Oxides are the principle source of CoO used in glazes, glass and enamels. Cobalt Oxide is a coloring oxide that produces blue in glazes at all temperatures. Cobalt Oxides are ideal for enamel frit applications. Frit is a homogenous melted mixture of inorganic materials that is used in enameling iron and steel and in glazing porcelain and pottery. Frit renders soluble and hazardous compounds inert by combining them with silica and other oxides.

MaterialCobalt Oxide
ApplicationBonding Grinding Wheels
Enamel Frit
Lower Vitrification Temperatures
Lubricant in Steel Casting and Metal Extrusion
Packaging25 Kg Pails Up to 500 Kg
Stainless Steel (SS)
Package TypePails
Additional information
Frit also is used in bonding grinding wheels, to lower vitrification temperatures, and as a lubricant in steel casting and metal extrusion. Palm Cobalt Oxides are manufactured to stringent quality standards and testing measures.